I’m a 73 yr. old male, ex-athlete/ naval aviator.  Both shoulders have been “bone-to-bone” for 15 years, my hips and low back are chronically in need of chiropractic treatment, and I have significant spinal stenosis plus documented arthritis in many joints.   The day before my initial Formostar infared  treatment at Roman Health and Fitness, I had decided to return to golf after a couple of years off and played for 4 hours in a cold wind thus generating LOTS of aches and pains!!!

Although I’ve previously experienced FAR Infrared treatment in localized applications with a handheld instrument, I had no preconceived expectations of what this particular session would bring!

As I write this over 24 hours after the session, I have none of the aches and pains I had before!  For the first 4-6 hours immediately following the session, I felt like I had experienced an intense sauna AND an intense massage (although there was no physical touch or movement).  After a full night’s sleep, I’ve spent the day completely comfortable.  I’m amazed to have gained so much relief from one session and look forward to follow-on therapy!

Bob McClendon