Why I can’t I be more like…

Why I can’t I be more like…

We all tend to want something that we do not have. We want to be taller, we want a curvier shape, a thinner shape, smaller calves, a bigger butt, perky boobs, a tiny midsection and the list goes on.

Somethings we can change! And others, we cannot… Somethings we can modify with diet and exercise, others can be changed with a surgery, but ultimately, when we look in the mirror, we need to stop finding the nit-picky changes that we only wish we could make.

I’ve had three kids. They were all by c-section and they didn’t leave the prettiest scar. I have stretch marks. My husband says they are like tiger stripes, but let’s get real, they are not cute. I have scar tissue in that area that I could have removed with a tummy tuck, but I am not really wanting to do all that. We have legitimate reasons for surgical changes, and equally valid reasons not to. I simply can’t justify the expense. But that is me.

REALITY! What CAN you really change? Well, I’m not getting any taller without heels or stilts. I just have to accept that. But the truth is, I can work out smarter, eat healthier and knock down some of the barriers that keep me from reaching my goals.

Some people have a thin frame, others more athletic, some hourglass… Our fitness goals need to be based in reality. Big girls can be healthier, tiny girls can be healthier, too. Skinny does not mean healthy in all cases.

Is strong the new skinny?

Maybe. But maybe all the cross-fit hype really isn’t for you. Don’t get bullied by someone else’s definitions. What do you really want? Is it realistic? And how are you going to get there?

Just these last ten pounds?  Seems like that plateau is the hardest thing to crush- It can be done! It has been done and it will be done again. Can you do it? If you really want to you can. Muffin top? Thigh gap? Or just that pair of pants that you wont give up… Don’t give in to fat pants! Want to run a marathon or walk a 5k? Do you need encouragement to do push-ups? We can make a plan- I can help you stick to it.

We aren’t ever going to be perfect, but we are going to do something today that gets us just slightly closer.